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  This treatment helps to re-balance, normalize and hydrate the skin. This is achieved by the application of a small, constant direct current. The ions in the skin are either attracted or repelled from the electrodes, resulting in certain chemical effects. 

                                                                                 Types of  Mesotherapy:


This treatment helps in the reduction of dark uneven skin tone and sensitive skin, freckles, discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, post- acne spots, post sun spots and age- spots.

  • v  MESOLIFT/ Wrinkles 3D Reductor
  • v  MESOHA*C / skin renewal stimulator

This therapy is used to rejuvenate the problem skin e.g hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), dry and hydrated skin, sun damage skin grey skin color, lack of skin elasticity and firmness and post –acne scars.

  • v  MESOCAPIL/Broken capillaries solution

Treatment for skin prone to broken capillaries , skin prone to couperose, hyper pigmentation, heavy legs symptoms, puffiness/oedema, detoxifying, ant-cellulite and slimming treatments (fat cells detox) and lymphatic drainage.

  • v  MESOACNE/acne symptoms solution

Procedures for oily and mixed skin, reduction of sebum, extended skin pores, pimples and blackheads, inflammatory states and itching.

  • v  MESOCALM/ Instant soothing elixir

Therapy for sun burn damaged skin ( as a healing compress), reddened skin with inflammation, dry and dehydrated skin, skin itching and roughness symptoms, lack of skin elasticity, firmness and post treatment care for instant redness reduction.

  • v  MESOECM/ skin revolumizer

Procedures for advanced signs of aging, deep wrinkles and lines, stretchmarks, post-acne, skin sagginess, lack of skin elasticity and firmness, delicate and sensitive skin.

  • v  MESOMENO/Anti-age nutritive elixir

This procedure  is for women of age 50+, saggy skin, lack of skin elasticity, sensitive and fragile skin, skin with grey   color, visible wrinkle.

  • v  MESOHAIR/Intensive hair  therapy.

This therapy is for men and women with hormonal disorders, androgenic  alopecia in men and  women of the age of 50+, DHT overproduction, excessive hair loss.

  • v  MESOVITAL/Youth Reconstruction

This therapy is for, skin at the age of 35+ with first wrinkles, photo-aging symptoms ( grey ski color, tired skin look)  lack of elasticity and firmness.

  • v  MESOSLIM/ Fat cells Reduction

Treatment   for cellulite,  obesity, firming  and  slimming massage.

  • v  Meso Genx/Gene activation

Meso Genx is a treatment for activation and cell lifespam exentention.

  • v  MESO SHR/ Supper hair Removal

This therapy is the newest cosmetic concept against unwanted hair. MESO SHR offers a new  approach regarding the hairiness treatment by involving a 5-dimensional  activity of active components of serum. SHR SERUM is recommended especially against hirsutism 17-the excessive hairiness in women.


This is the newest carrier system based on skin  identical ceramists and  builds up a depot of molecular oxygen in the deeper skin layers for revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin. Oxygen is one of the main element needed for collagen synthesis.